AGIV live with Sitecore and Forward Search handle 50.000 visits per hour!

AGIV the Agency for Geographical Information in Flanders (Belgium) recently re-launched the AGIV site and launched the new Geopunt site. Our partner Sidewalk made the total deliverance based on Sitecore CMS.

About AGIV and Geopunt

AGIV builds, together with its partners, the Flemish geographical data infrastructure. It offers integrated solutions to the government, companies and citizens to use the geographical information efficiently.

Geopunt is a central access point for geographical information. This portal offers an extensive range of data, services and applications for a broad and diverse audience.


AGIV wanted to refresh its corporate website. With an average of 70.000 visits and over 200.000 page views per month, you know this isn't a typical website. And as if this project wasn't challenging enough, AGIV also wanted to launch Geopunt, a brand new central access point for geographical information with a map tool that shows crisp aerial photos.

The launch of the new initiative got a lot of press coverage as it has been announced by the prime Minister of Flanders. The peak usage for Geopunt was estimated at 50.000 visits per hour. was lost

The previous version of had become a complex website where the structure of the information was very unclear. Vague labeling of navigation elements and a complex structure made it very hard for users to navigate the website.

AGIV was looking for a new platform that among other requirements should handle:

  • Is scalable to control peaks of hundreds of thousands visitors
  • Meets the high accessibility requirements
  • Could offer the visitor a website aligned on the latest digital trends ready for the launch of the brand new map tool

To meet AGIV's requirements, the web content management system Sitecore was an excellent solution.

Scalability with Azure

AGIV gets 50.000 visits per hour, just for only. To cope with this large amount of visitors, an open and flexible cloud platform was used: Windows Azure. By using Azure the necessary server space can be provided when needed.

Sitecore supports Azure hosting, so the new platform provides flexibility, an incomparable ease of use and infinite possibilities in term of integration with external systems with the latest technologies.

Forward Search

For the websites Forward Search was chosen as platform search for its versatility including the many Out-of-the-box features, the close integration with Sitecore and support of Azure.

Forward Search is used for global search as well as for Faceted Search.