C1000 Supermarkets

Promote and inspire customers to increase sales in local stores

C1000 is the largest chain of independent supermarket operators in the Netherlands with over 400 supermarkets. C1000 was founded 1888 and employees 30,000 here of staff of 2,700 at the headquarters and at the 6 distribution centers. C1000´s total consumer sales in 2009 was € 3.749 billion.

Forward Search

The C1000 corporate website seeks to promote and inspire customers in order to increase sales in local stores, by utilizing Forward Search features like Faceted Search and Search driven navigation capabilities extensively to supply relevant information about product offerings, services and store locations.

Especially the “Recepten Zoeken” – recipe search is very nice and makes it very easy and intuitive to find suggestions together with related recipes that would make a good menu for any time and propose.

The Solution was implemented by eFocus, based on Sitecore and was awarded with the Sitecore Site of the Year (2012) for Netherlands.