Mogens Daarbak

Increasing online sales!

Valtech has, in close cooperation with Mogens Daarbak A/S, developed an ecommerce solution based on EPiServer Commerce. Daarbak wanted a digital partner that not only was based on the development of the technical solution, but which are equally able to understand the business and the challenges that Daarbak experienced with their existing solution.

There were several significant challenges that Daarbak wanted solved:

  • Growth in the share of sales conducted online and self-service, instead of as before being pulled by salesmen running around to customers
  • An upgrade that could remove some of the technical impasses and the establishment a consolidated standard system
  • A more structured approach to product handling through the use of new PIM system (product specifications, images, language variants mm.) with integration to online shop.

The solution

Based on Valtechs digital process, Valtech has delivered everything from concept and design to development and optimization. The objective of growth in online sales assumed that the solution could speak to more customers with different buying behavior. An important element of pre-study phase was therefore the identification of three primary online customer groups: (1) Customers who are motivated by Daarbaks designer furniture and services, (2) Recurring customers wishing order services and an effective purchase flow, and (3) faithless and typically focus on price customers. Both of Valtech and Daarbak has subsequently been a major and exciting challenge to balance both functionality and design as all types of customers are met.

To support the wide product range and efficient processes in the work to maintain all information, the solution based on EPiServer CMS 6 and Commerce integrated with Perfion PIM system. There is made a central service layer that integrates CMS, PIM and Daarbaks ERP system - Navision.

Forward Search

Forward Search plays a major part in the solution indexing product information from the PIM and ERP system in order to supply relevant product search results.

The product search is utilizing out-of-the-box features of Forward Search like Type Ahead and Faceted Search.

All queries are involving the user rights (using the ACL handling of Forward Search rather than the one from EPiServer Commerce) of the searcher displaying only the relevant products and prices, as they are differentiated for each individual customer profile.

Results & Next Step

Daarbak now have an ecommerce platform that provides an improved user experience that is optimized for the use of search engines, and takes into account the three primary customer groups' needs and behaviors. At the same time the technical foundation Daarbak opportunity to optimize in areas such as data mining, personalized content and internationalization.