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So, what IS Forward Search anyway? What can it actually do, and how does it do it?

Welcome to the Forward Search product information pages. In these pages we will attempt the impossible: To describe a highly complex product suite in a brief, easily fathomable way!

Here we will focus product information that is of general interest, where on Forward Search in Debt focus more advanced features and possibilities with Forward Search.  

Below, you will find shortcuts to the high level information pages that describe various aspects and modules of Forward Search. Select the entry you find most relevant for your point of view. In each document, there will be cross-references and links related each function and feature mentioned, so that you can, in your own pace, explore the product and dive in to as deep a technical level as you wish. While writing these pages, it turned out to be impossible to completely avoid repeating certain parts of the product description, so bear over with us, for the sake of readability.

Out-of-the-box or meticulous customization? With Forward Search you get the best of both worlds!

Presenting Forward Search: Best of both worlds

Forward Search delivers a professional search product ready to use "Out-Of-The-Box", but also provides vast customization and extension options through configuration and API.

Why bother?


Benefits is a very subjective topic to address. Key benefits are listed here, together with some of the often overlooked ones.

10 minutes and you have a working search interface

Out of the box features

Using Forward Search Out of the box, utilizing just the already factory-prepared features, is a fast and straight-forward way to achieve quite well-working search solutions for a wide range of typical search scenarios. Often it is seen, that this all that is needed, at least in the early production cycles of a project.

Faceted Search

Finding just the right documents in a huge corpus of diverse text can be tricky, if all you got is a text field for entering arbitrary search words. A bit of assistance is usually appreciated. Facets is one way of providing this!

Enterprise ready

Built for Enterprises, Forward Search delivers a number of features particularly beneficial for large, complex enterprise website solutions.

Just the basics!


Forward Search is foremost a search application: Searching through huge amounts of documents in almost no time at all.

Optimize, experience and work

Productivity tools

Use the Forward Search Productivity tools to analyze the index, the searches and the site, to optimize the search experience.