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How to further extend the functionality of Forward Search, Advanced Features and more …

Welcome to the more detailed and technical Forward Search product information pages, where focus on the more advanced features and possibilities with Forward Search.

Below, you will find shortcuts to the high level information pages that describe various aspects and modules of Forward Search. Select the entry you find most relevant for your point of view. In each document, there will be cross-references and links related each function and feature mentioned, so that you can, in your own pace, explore the product and dive in to as deep a technical level as you wish. While writing these pages, it turned out to be impossible to completely avoid repeating certain parts of the product description, so bear over with us, for the sake of readability.

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Sources for the index

What types of contents can be indexed using Forward Search? And how?

Endless Configuration options

Forward Search is among the most advanced search product offering easy yet complex configuration options

Custom Fields and what to use them for

Even though you are well of for a good start with the 20+ build-in fields in Forward Search, real customization starts with Custom Fields.


Improve the search result by expansion through 'linguistics' - Spelling, aliases, stemming, Fuzzy Search, Wildcards

Geo-spatial search

Search by geographical proximity. Find the closest item - or find all those within a given distance.

Extend the funtionality through the API

Extend further the funtionality of Forward Search through the 4 included API's

Get a second chance to modify the index!

Post Processor

Modify the index after indexing. Extend Forward Search with custom plug-in modules. Dispatch Forward Search indexes in a distributed setup.