Forward Search will work with any CMS solution!

for CMS

Forward Search integrates easily with third-party portal and content management solutions.

Our customers use Forward Search with variety CMS solutions with content from external sources like publication databases, document repositories, product databases and eCommerce systems.

Examples include

Adobe ColdFusion, Ektron CMS, EPiServer Commerce and Relate, Sitecore Internet Portal (SIP) and Umbraco CMS.

Forward Search being a crawler based solution enables to harvests HTTP, HTTPS websites and collect and filter HTML pages, documents, meta tags, meta data in documents and media files for indexing. Queries and results are omitted and returned by WebServices.

The Forward Search administration and analysis tools are accessible form the Administration client (Stand-alone version). The client is localized to English and Danish but can easily be localized to any language and be customized for different job task roles, for a geographic, department or entity roles.

Closer integration with the CMS could include administration and analysis tools integrated within the CMS editor, together with supporting the rights management model and event publishing mechanism of the CMS.

We can consult partners and customers how to integrate closely with any CMS or system and thereby obtaining the same benefits as our Forward Search for EPiServer and Sitecore.