Most used Search solution for EPiServer in Denmark!

for EPiServer

EPiServer Faceted Search - Forward Search for EPiServer creates personalized website experiences

Number one in Denmark!

Forward Search is the most used Search solution for EPiServer projects in Denmark.

Customers that have applied Forward Search for Advanced Search, Navigation and Personalization include Anne Frank Foundation, Coloplast, Danish Ministry of Culture, IC Companys, mBlox, Milkround Online Ltd., Mogens Daarbak A/S ...

Best Search solution for EPiServer

Forward Search provides flexibility and power to your EPiServer solution, providing the best general search solution on the EPiServer platform, delivering benefits on these areas, and more:

  • Marketing: Intuitive website visitor experience (engagement & personalization) utilizing the suite of out-of-the-box features.
  • eCommerce: Site search optimization, advanced filtering and product promotions.
  • Information: Role based visitor experience, secure search across multiple sources and search driven navigation.

Forward Search for EPiServer provides the EPiServer development team and web management staff with a number of benefits, among which are:

  • Flexibility in implementation through extensive configuration options and several API’s for even more advanced custom solutions.
  • Extensive management, tuning & reporting tools available for optimizing and tweaking the solution for maximum performance and user experience.
  • Fast deployment both in development and for production. The many Out-of-the-box features, the simplicity in the exposed surface and an intuitive administration client, delivers the easiest search platform to deploy and maintain.

Forward Search for EPiServer is a highly customizable and scalable Enterprise Search platform that seamlessly integrates with EPiServer, adding advanced search capabilities beyond basic Web Site Search needs, opening access to additional content sources, search driven navigation, Faceted Search, topped off with advanced content and search analytics.

Administration client embedded in EPiServer

The Forward Search administration and analysis tools is fully integrated into EPiServer, even configuring itself according to the user defined EPiServer role and language. The client is localized to English and Danish but can easily be localized to any language and be customized for different job task roles, for a geographic, department or entity roles.

Forward Search for EPiServer supports EPiServer versions 5x, 6x and 7x.