Forward Search can be applied for any Search need!

for Various Solutions

Forward Search can also be applied for Custom Solutions of various types, besides Web based Solutions.

Advanced Search capabilities of Forward Search has been applied for several Custom Solutions including

  • Document Management and Archiving System used by a Danish Consultancy Company
  • Archiving System (Broadcast Tapes) used by a Scandinavian Broadcasting Company
  • Archiving System (Historical Artifacts) used by a large Danish Company
  • Communication Surveillance System (Text Messages) used by a Danish Government Body
  • Patent Monitoring System (Feeds) used by a Danish Pharmaceutical Company
  • EU Tender Monitoring System (Feeds) used by a Danish Membership Association

There several other uses were Forward Search with benefit could by applied!

One we often come across is accessing content from old legacy systems holding valuable information. These can be costly or even hard to access and instead of migrating these systems to another newer platform, which can be very expensive, it's often much more cost efficient to index the data in the systems and provide the users with a search interface. Data doesn't have to be migrated, multiple systems can be accessed in one user frontend and data can still be maintained in the old system.

We have experience with integration with different systems (Mail systems, MS Office etc.) and different types of content sources (File shares, Databases, e-mails, feeds etc.)… And we have worked with different special file filtering options, file format conversions and data migration tools that can be applied together with Forward Search to make a successful Custom Solution.

When applying Search to non-web based solutions or non-web content sources there are several things to consider

  • Where does the content come from?
  • Who has ownership over the content?
  • Where should the search result lead the end user? Where content is placed or to a new interface?
  • What are the integration possibilities?
  • Cost vs. value (ROI) of an Custom Solution

Forward Search delivers numerous integration points – Collecting content, processing content, post processing … And total flexibility in making customized search interfaces (Web Services, SOAP, XML or Rest).