Cloud based Search Platform

In The Cloud

The Cloud provides organizations with on-demand compute, storage, networking and content delivery capabilities to host, scale and manage Web applications on the Internet.

Forward Search can be deployed in the cloud as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with identical functionality as on premise solutions.

The difference is provisioning.

While an on premise server must be acquired, configured and tested, a cloud-based deployment can be provisioned within minutes.

No servers to setup, no patches to apply – just click and go.

Opportunities and Benefits

Streamline your time to market

Cloud means you can deploy quickly into new markets. With no hardware infrastructure to plan, purchase, deploy and manage, your time horizon for implementation is much shorter. Ongoing maintenance, operations, upgrades and patches to the remote infrastructure are no longer your concern.

Scale globally, and get close to your customers

Getting closer to your customers is now more cost-effective than ever, with high performance response time giving that local feel. And your big swings in traffic go from being a challenge to a thing of the past. Sitecore deployed on Cloud lets you open up new markets with a certainty of performance and reliability.

Deploy on Demand without hardware concerns

Your pressed IT team will appreciate the new found simplicity. With no need for hardware capital investment or infrastructure planning timetables, you can quickly deploy your Forward Search solution around the globe with the Cloud. You’ll quickly gain geographic coverage, optimized response time by distributing your load and minimizing the round trip delays, and redundancy for reliability and disaster-preparedness. With multiple datacenters, diverse bandwidth, and 99.9% uptime, going global just got much easier.

Choose between Microsoft’s Windows Azure or Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).